International Fraud Alert
Wherever in the world there is high-level, high-value litigation, Our Litigation fraud lawyers are ready to meet the challenge. Many international investor clients have in many cases been unaware of the improper or fraudulent activity that had caused their investment losses. This all too common phenomenon is also experienced by domestic public investors and has been adjudicated often in United States court cases involving misrepresentation and concealed investment fraud.

We have carefully assembled a network of fraud solicitors, overseas fraud lawyers, investigators and other specialist advisors who compliment our own expertise with the value of their particular knowledge. We have involved and witness other businesses are involved in lawsuits against other businesses.  In these cases, one business is charging that the practices of another business have injured the charging party. Known as business torts, these cases turn on the economic injury to the charging party. We can provide representation on matters related to:

False advertising
Unfair trade practices
Trade secret misappropriation
Unfair competition
Business disparagement
Tortious interference

If you need an attorney in Michigan or the United States to represent your company in matters related to unfair business practices, contact us by either calling 313-982-0010 or E-mail :

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