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This law firm has extensive experience representing foreign (non-U.S.) business enterprises with interests in USA . Our attorneys protect clients' legal rights and their investments, working from a strong understanding of the needs of international businesses and how they intersect with State and federal laws. If you are managing a business with interests in Detroit City or surrounding regions, we are ready to help your company thrive.

If your company is involved in business litigation (lawsuit) or arbitration, this law firm can represent you in state and  United States Federal courts.

If you need to set up a new business enterprise in Michigan, we can advise you concerning entity selection and draft all the necessary documents.

If you are concerned about compliance with local ordinances, our international business lawyers can advise you concerning the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

If you need advice on local tax work and compliance, our law firm can help your business meet local requirements.

If you are involved in US commercial development, our international business attorneys have the skills and knowledge to help your company understand the applicable laws. 

International Business Transaction 
     Negotiating - Drafting - Reviewing and Enforcing International Business Contracts 

The importance of having a written contract when conducting international business transactions cannot be overemphasized.  The contract delineates the rights and obligations of the parties. The contract should contain certain important provisions, such as which law governs the contract, which court will resolve any disputes or do the parties desire to resolve any future disputes through arbitration, etc. 

If you are a business located outside of the United States, in Middle East, Europe,  South America,  contract our international lawyers to assist you by reviewing and/or drafting your agreements to ensure that they both comply with USA laws  and adequately protect your interests should you need to resort to litigation.

We Can Be Your Corporate Lawyers  
Most large corporations will have "in-house" general counsel who are employees of the corporation. These attorneys are familiar with the corporation's business methods and objectives.  At The Independence Law Associates, PLC., our goal is to fulfill a similar role for smaller businesses that do not have the resources (or do not want to spend the money) to have in "in-house" general counsel. 
International Business & Trade litigation

In litigation, experience and skill are the keys to a successful result. The firm's business lawyer have earned a reputation as fair, tough, and effective business litigation trial lawyers in the areas of breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation. 

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The sooner a business dispute is fairly settled, the sooner your company can recover. Contact our commercial litigation lawyers at 313-982-0010 to schedule a consultation about your business litigation and dispute resolution needs.

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Areas of Practice
Our firm's business attorneys work with corporate executives and general counsel in a wide variety of international trade matters, such as:

•International Business Transaction 
•International Business Litigation
•International Arbitration 
•Contract Dispute Resolution
•Joint ventures
•International Trade
•Real estate purchases
•Real property development
•Stock purchase and sale
•Compliance with US Federal Laws 
•Copyright infringement litigation
•Trademark protection
•Trademark infringement litigation

Contact us to learn more about our full range of international business transaction services. Israa Zaher has more than 15 years of commercial litigation experience, working closely with business professionals to help them resolve international business issues. Let us help your business be successful in the United States and worldwide.

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