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International Business Transactions
Zaher Law Firm advice individuals, companies, private investors, financial institutions and foreign governments on a wide variety of international business transactions. We help clients worldwide from our offices in the United States and through an affiliated law offices in Middle East.  Our team of lawyers work with importers, exporters, and companies operating or investing in cross-border businesses, helping them structure and negotiate transactions and navigate trade policy, trade-related treaties, statutes and regulations.

International business enterprises often involve rules and regulations governed by authorities in Washington, D.C. We assist clients in complying with statutes and regulations associated with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Export and Import Procedures

With the growing internationalization of manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses, an increasing number of business-to-business disputes involve the import or export of goods. Once an entrepreneur identifies a product to export, how does the product reach the foreign market? The next question is does the entrepreneur sell the product to a middleman or does it sell to an end user? Regardless of the method a company uses to export, are there foreign requirements that an exporter must understand before the exporter even develops the product, such as labeling requirements, packing requirements, or customs laws? Are there any licenses or tax issues involved that an exporter must comply with so that the shipment is not confiscated? There are endless issues that exporters need to consider in order to successfully export. To understand issues on this topic, review the section Basics of Export and Import Procedures e.g. Letter of Credit.

International Contracts

Contracts for the international sale of goods are not that different from those for selling goods domestically in USA. A contract is a single document, in which the rights and obligations of the exporter and the importer are stipulated. International trade practice shows that the majority of transactions are carried out without signing a contract. However, it is strongly recommended to establish an international contract of sale for international transactions.

In the absence of a treaty, foreign countries respect each other's court decisions, if at all, only as a matter of courtesy. Since contracting parties should anticipate the possibility of disputes, they should include provisions in their contracts controlling things like which country's law should apply.